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WakeMate Co-Founder Departs, Steals Technology From Company & Spams its Users

Today, WakeMate users received an email from Greg Nemeth, named Co-Founder and President of PerfectThird, Inc., the company that makes WakeMate. He told them about a new company he was starting to take “the WakeMate sensor technology the next level with MiLife+” (page now taken down, but video still up) and encouraged people to donate to the new venture. Arun Gupta, another co-founder of WakeMate, posted an update on the WakeMate blog stating that this email was “completely unauthorized” and “not affiliate with” WakeMate in any way. As the blog post is currently down, here it is:

WakeMate Update

Hello everyone.


Many of you received an email this morning concerninga new product called MiLife+.

Today is the first time I have heard of this product and I am shocked at the way it was promoted to WakeMate customers. We are not affliated with this product in any way. It was completely unauthorized and I am scrambling to get to the bottom of it. I sincerely apologize that you received those unsolicited messages.

What’s Next?

I poured my heart and soul into this company and though we stumbled along the way I believe that weprovided something of value to our customers. However, as many of you have guessed, we have exhausted our capital and will no longer be making any more WakeMates.

Currently our plan is to keep the service going whilewe work on open sourcing the technology. Hopefully this will ensure that you can continue to enjoy theproduct and its benefits even after the company nolonger exists.

As always if you have any concerns please email meand I will do my best to resolve them:arun[at]wakemate[dot]com.

all the best,

Arun Gupta co-founder of WakeMate

It seems Nemeth took the WakeMate technology and began working on another competitive product, emailed WakeMate’s userbase and responded to its users on Twitter — all without permission. Nemeth recently took down the fundraising page. 

I suppose this is a good lesson to all: choose your co-founders wisely.