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Facebook Social Reader Apps Face Continued Decline

Jeff Bercovici originally reported that from April to May, Washington Post Social Reader faced a large decline in monthly active users - going from 17.4M to 9.2M. Some said these drops may just be temporary, but I was curious to see if the trend continued. I took a look at the latest reports from AppData and let’s just say it’s not looking any better. The Washington Post’s Social Reader went from about 9.2M Monthly Active Users at Bercovici’s first reporting to 5.9M monthly active users as of today.

The Guardian’s app was at about 3.9M monthly active users when Bercovici did his original report. They’re now at 2.2M monthly active users.

Looks like this isn’t just a temporary trend based on some changes to the Facebook newsfeed algorithm, but likely a much more permanent change.

For more, see Peter Kafka’s article on AllThingsD.

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